Personality Sells: How to Use Who You Are to Keep Your Clients Happy

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It took me time to realize that clients are not looking for descriptors like “we put our clients’ needs first” or “exceptional service at a lower price”. Most of those working in a corporate world have heard more than their share of broad sweeping statements. In fact more often than not, it is these claims that turn prospective clients away from choosing your business. Understand this; to get a client to buy what you’re selling you need to inject it with personality! Sell yourself as an authentic brand. The idea is to make them see YOU as an irreplaceable commodity that no reasonable buyer can forgo. Start by answering these questions: What unique personal attributes do I have that can be packaged up and presented to potential clients as a selling point? How can I integrate these qualities into my business model and my copy in order to attract new clients and keep them coming back? In other words, personality sells!

Writing is about persuading your clients to buy into your message. It’s about conveying images in a way that speaks to the emotional authenticity and style of your client. By being in tune with your target audience’ unique voice and expectations, you can begin to adjust the personality of your copy to fit the needs of that market. Remember, creative flexibility along with what you may call “intuitive marketing” will keep the cash flowing and your clients happy.

How Can Personality Add To Your Features and Benefits?

If your copy is friendly, cheerful and engaging it can draw the reader in, within a matter of seconds, which is rather important when you consider the world we live in today. Hardly anyone reads printed words anymore which means that one of the only ways to reach your audiences fast is via the internet. Your words have to go out with a bang! It is crucial that you hit them over the head with it or else you are dead in the water. I say when you write your copy with personality it not only gives it the energy your clients crave, it also makes them gain trust in your product at which point you are free to flaunt your unique selling point.

The personality of your writing is the first thing potential clients take note of when visiting your web page. Your online presence is integral to your overall business image as well as in developing your brand.  Your personal and professional charm should instantly come through in your language. The words you choose to appeal to clients must paint a clear picture of who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to be different, the fact is the more creative your strategy the more chances you have to outsmart the competition. Words are what positions your business so let your clients know what you’re made of!

So Writing with Personaliy, How Does That Work?

First have a clear idea of who your audience is. What do they drink or eat? How old are they? Where do they live? What music do they listen to? The more you know about your buyer the more aware you become of his or her passions, ambitions and aspirations. Writing great copy means adapting to and identifying with these values in order to reach that demographic.

The secret to pitching the right ideas to your clients is in finding out as much as you can about the type of business it is. Inquire about their vision, expectations and business associates. Ask about the industry, market responsiveness and their overall agenda. As a copy writer your final product must always reflect the personality of the business you’re targeting.

How you choose to write your copy can mean the difference between success and failure. The competition is out there ready to step all over you and it’s up to you to rise and shine!


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