Writing Compelling Web Copy is As Easy as One, Two, and Three

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The term “social media” is everywhere, it has become the way we communicate, connect and do business. The internet has quickly developed into a powerful networking and research tool. Nearly every transaction can be made online, from personal banking to buying and selling of goods and services to digital books. One hardly needs to leave the house to have a pair of slippers delivered right to his or her doorstep. That is why building a strong web presence is so important. Yet for many of us writing excellent web copy is just not our forte. The number one priority with online writing is to entice, influence and convince clients that your business is worth every bit of their time and money. Your online presence offers your clients a glimpse into who you are and what you do. That first impression when someone visits your site can make all the difference when it comes to the way your clients see you. I know that writing for the web can be quite daunting especially since the style of writing requires you to be concise and to the point. Web copy is a significant part of your promotion and marketing strategy. This type of writing allows you the opportunity to engage with a wider audience and write searchable content or SEO. Before you panic let me assure you that you too, can write compelling website copy.

Always Keep Your Audience in Mind

Anticipate your audiences’ needs and always keep them in mind when writing web copy. Know exactly who your target audience is and how much they know about your business. Use language that is geared towards that particular demographic as a way to market your business effectively. Every piece of writing you publish online, be it promotional material, blog or advertising copy should reflect the values of your target group. Find out all there is to know about who you are marketing to; their interests, preferences, lifestyle, age and emotional triggers. The trick to attracting new clients is in using wording that appeals to your clients’ likes, dislikes and personal stimuli. When writing web copy stay on track and never lose sight of your goal. Remember, the use of slang or any other forms of offensive verbiage will drive your clients away and likely generate negative publicity.

Too Much Wit Is, Too Much

Remember, flaunting your intelligence is great however excessive shrewdness can work against you. What is humorous to you may not seem comedic to someone else. Entertaining yourself at your clients’ expense is not the current way of doing business. In fact, your job is to make absolutely certain that your clients fully understand and identify with your message. I strongly suggest that you consult with a professional or someone you trust about your copy before making it public. A good indication that your clients will not appreciate your copy is if your friend says “it’s great but maybe you should have done this instead” or if your mom smiles and declares “how cute!” Generally I recommend that you write for someone who is not an expert in your field. This way you improve your chances for success not to mention that it is always good to cast a wider net.

Write to Optimize Your Search Engine

The term Search Engine Optimization adds a bit of a twist to the expression “write with a purpose”. In this case the purpose is not only to appeal to your target audience on an emotional level but to choose words that people can search for through an online search engine. For instance if I am looking for a copywriter that writes great ads, promotional materials or business copy, a company should be able to find these key words simply by plugging them into the search engine. Your word choices must clearly describe what your business is all about and what you have to offer perspective clients. Key phrases such as “professional copywriter serving local businesses and non-profits” or “copywriting with a conscience, always working within your budget”. Note how all of a sudden potentially searchable words appear in your content. Ideally you would combine exceptional copy content with Search Engine Optimization in order to drive traffic to your site.


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