Crazy People Prefer Honest Copy

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Crazy People PosterAs many of you may know, I am crazy about movies. I have a deep appreciation for almost all types of genres, beginning with social commentary films to experimental style cinema and every so often I allow myself to enjoy a truly heartfelt, laugh out loud comedy.  One such film is Crazy People from 1990 starring Dudley Moore. One of the reasons I chose to write a review of this particular film is because while watching it I became quite intrigued by the film’s message that honesty is the best policy not only when it comes to forming and maintaining relationships but also in writing advertising copy. In fact, Crazy People compels us to defy and even question all of the imposed conventions of normalcy that we have come to accept as copywriters.

This film boldly suggests that being a part of a group of “crazy” people who dare to put so much of their faith into creating wacky, completely honest copy is about as normal as it gets. In some weirdly satisfying way, this movie further solidifies my philosophy that copywriting at its best is about humour, originality, emotion and honesty. While this movie is in no way a cinematic masterpiece nor is the acting stellar, the film makes up for its shortcomings by wittily injecting a sense of possibility and child-like curiosity into the minds of its viewers. In Crazy People, we see consumers barge into stores after reading headlines like this: “Metamucil: It helps you go to the toilet. If you don’t use it, you’ll get cancer and die” or “Buy Volvos, they’re Boxy but Good” I was pleasantly surprised  and intrigued by the number of people in this film who not only enjoyed brutal honesty when it comes to a product but happily buy into it.  This movie suggests that there is ample room for ads that are driven entirely by a certain public hunger for absolute, in your face honesty, which serves to not only endorse the product but authenticate the genuine experience of its target audience.

For any of you copywriters out there, I recommend that you watch this film, and then re-read this post.

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